Officer David Curtis

At age 31, Officer David Curtis had three years and eight months of service to the Tampa Police Department. He is married with four sons between the ages of eight months and nine years. He served with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office as a jail deputy prior to becoming a Tampa Police Officer. Officer Curtis is known as a family man, devoted to his wife and four sons. His sons are 8-month Hunter, 5 year old Tyler, 6 year old Sean and 9 year old Austin. He was an outstanding Tampa Police Officer who served on the plain clothes Rapid Offender Control Squad known as ROC prior to his current assignment in District Three.

At the time of the shooting, both officers were assigned to Uniform Patrol Squad 306.

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Precinct Pizza feels the pain that many have felt through the Tampa Bay area. These Officers were not just symbols of Heroism, but they were our customers, & friends as well. Many Police Officers dine at Precinct Pizza, & we have come to know many of them well.