Precinct Pizza's Franchisee Training

The Precinct Pizza franchisors, Rick & Jessica Drury, love to train people. With over 40 combined years in the pizza business, their experience will put you through a detailed training regimen where you will learn step by step the tools necessary to properly operate a Precinct Pizza Franchise. Jessica Drury is the Franchise Training Director and will oversee that you will receive the proper amount of training in each facet of the business. You will learn at your own pace, and will not advance to the next step of the process until you have understood all aspects of the topic that has been presented.

Owning a restaurant takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Not everyone can operate a successful restaurant. You must be involved and supervise every aspect of your restaurant. It is a large financial commitment and there will be competition who will try and take your share of the market. This can be a huge opportunity for your own financial independence, but it must be supervised.

Our support of our franchisees does not end when the franchisee has completed their training. We will conduct store inspections to ensure that you are operating your Precinct Pizza properly. These inspections and reviews give you a great way to see from the perspective of someone who is not in your store every day how you are operating. If there are serious issues with your operations, we may direct you to take action to fix them. If you fail to do so, we could take corrective measures on our own to ensure compliance, potentially at the franchisee’s own cost if the issue is egregious enough. If you plan on operating your store properly, then this is good news. It ensures that any franchisee that operates in a poor manner, will not embarrass the good stores or tarnish the brand that we have strived to build.