Precinct Pizza's Location Development

The Precinct Pizza minimum size requirement is 1,800 square feet, with a minimum of 1,000 square feet dedicated to the kitchen. This would be the smallest size we would currently allow, which should provide you with seating for about 45 guests.

The location must be located in a desirable strip mall or free standing building. The location must provide you with four to five dedicated parking spaces for your delivery drivers. If you choose an uncommon location like a college campus, airport, stadium or other facility, these parameters may be changed to accommodate these situations.

You will be responsible for scouting the location which must then be submitted to us for approval. We will assist you in landlord lease negotiations if you request our assistance. The minimum term of the lease should be a ten year lease with two five year options afterwards. Along with the parking space requirements and the term request, there are other items which we feel are necessary to include in your lease as well. These items and many more would be covered in your “Landlord Negotiations” training at the Precinct Pizza Academy after you decide to franchise with Precinct Pizza.