Precinct Pizza Store Package

Currently, Precinct Pizza offers single unit franchises, only in Florida. We want to be able to supervise you and assist you in your store when you request help. We cannot do that if you live outside of Florida. Franchisees can benefit from & expect that:

  • Once you are approved by us, you will “BOLO”(Be On the Look Out) for a site for your own Precinct Pizza. We will assist you in deciding if the site is right for a Precinct Pizza.
  • Training is what truly separates Precinct Pizza from the rest. Detailed training in store operations and in administrative operations has been designed to implement standardized operations. Upon completion of the Precinct Pizza Training Academy, you will receive certification of completion and receive all the necessary manuals to help you start your store & train new Squad members.
  • We will assist you with the architectural design of your Precinct Pizza store and put you in touch with the Precinct Pizza Architect to ensure it meets our standard.
  • Each unit will serve the same menu items as the corporate store(s) to ensure consistency.
  • We have developed advantageous pricing and service for you with many vendors that have been cultivated over many years.

Precinct Pizza knows that the biggest complaint about a pizzeria is not the service or food quality, it is the consistency. This is why, among many other things, Precinct Pizza has become such a success. We focus on consistency. Our customers know and have come to expect that every time they visit a Precinct Pizza location or order for delivery, they will receive exemplary service and food every time.

Pizza is a comfort food. Each Precinct Pizza must make the customer feel comfortable about their level of service and food quality. A customer who is familiar with one Precinct Pizza should be able to call another Precinct Pizza and be comfortable in the knowledge that the similar menu, prices, coupon offers, level of service and quality of pizza and food will be offered to them.

The minimum store size is approximately 1,800 square feet. Your Precinct Pizza store can be located in a strip mall, stadium, college campus or a free standing building but it must be able to create all the food items that is on our menu.