Precinct Pizza's Vendor Relationships

A large factor in Precinct Pizza’s success is our relationships with our vendors. Most of these relationships have been developed over many years, with significant savings for future Precinct Pizza franchisee’s written directly into our contracts. Some of these vendors provide items that are branded specifically for Precinct Pizza Restaurants. These items include our pizza boxes, appetizer boxes, floor mats, beer glasses, drinking glasses, dinnerware, car tops, uniforms, merchandise and menus. All these items and more are custom made for Precinct Pizza restaurants to help brand our restaurant concept.

Precinct Pizza will never negotiate better terms for us without the same benefits for our franchisee’s. That is our Honesty Pledge to you. In return for the royalties you pay each month, we guarantee to be honest with you about our contracts with our vendors. We will never have any hidden rebate programs or any other deal with our vendors that rewards us financially for purchases you make. We believe that is dishonest. If you become a Precinct Pizza franchisee, then you should have the same advantages we have obtained with our vendors. Your success is one of our primary missions.